Classic Qualifiers List

Western Kentucky Bass Club 2014 Schedule


March 29                             Kentucky Dam Marina                   6:00am – 2:00pm

April 5                                   Kenlake State Park Ramp             6:00am – 2:00pm

May 3                                    Devils Elbow Ramp                          5:30am – 2:00pm

May 17                                 Kuttawa Harbor Ramp                   5:30am – 2:00pm

June 7                                   Kentucky Dam Marina                   5:30am – 2:00pm

June 28                                 Kuttawa Lyon County Ramp        6:00pm – 2:00am

July 12                                  Kentucky Dam Marina                   6:00pm – 2:00am

July 26                                   Kuttawa Lyon County Ramp        6:00pm – 2:00am

Aug. 9                                   Kenlake State Park Ramp             6:00pm – 2:00am

Aug. 23                                 Kentucky Dam Marina                   6:00pm – 2:00am

Sept. 20                                Kuttawa Harbor Ramp                   6:00am – 2:00pm

Oct. 4                                    Kenlake State Park Ramp             6:00am – 2:00pm

Oct. 18 “Classic”        Kentucky Dam Marina                        6:00am – 2:00pm

Oct. 19 “Classic”        Kentucky Dam Marina                           6:00am – 2:00pm

Tournament entry fee will be taken until 25 minutes prior to each regular season

tournament start time and 30 minutes prior to the “Classic”.

All start times are subject to safe light conditions.

Kentucky and Barkley Lakes will be off limits 5 days prior to the beginning of the Classic.

Contacts: Marvin Wayne Wells 543-3547, Ricky Boggess 977-5871, Scotty Wells 543-2247

*Note: This schedule is subject to change only if deemed absolutely necessary.

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